​Trademark Attorney in Miami

What Does a Trademark Attorney in Miami Do?

Trademark attorneys can assist individuals during every phase of the trademarking procedure. When applying for a federal trademark, you don’t need legal assistance from a trademark lawyer. The Trademark Electronic Search System remains freely available to anyone. You simply need to file your application online with the U.S. Patent Office website, or by mail.

Although everything you need is available for free and this can help you save a few hundred dollars, it is important to remember the patent office won’t just grant you the mark. By enlisting a trademark attorney in Miami, you can actually increase your chances of patent approval. The question remains, do you want to take this risk to save a few hundred bucks?

A trademark attorney in Miami will offer more than merely filing an application for you. When enlisting the right specialist, they can guide you throughout the entire trademark process. This extends beyond application filing to naming the trademark, all the way up through finalized approval. Legal assistance can help you ensure approval on your very first attempt.

The Benefits of a Trademark Attorney in Miami

Once you get a trademark approved, reversing this decision for any reason becomes extremely challenging. In some scenarios, this task is impossible. For this reason, the U.S. Patent Office remains extraordinarily careful about what trademarks they approve.

Trademarks get submitted through a rigorous screening process. The patent office could reject an application because it remains similar to another trademark. It may also violate trademark law. Unfortunately, a rejection submitter is not entitled to a refund. Multiple denials often mean multiple applications, in addition to multiple application fees.

A trademark attorney in Miami can take the necessary time to review a trademark while evaluating its eligibility before applying. Instead of blindly filing the trademark, you can submit an application that the U.S. Patent Office remains more likely to grant for approval.

The patent office might also reject your application if another company holds the rights to a similar trademark. While no one requires a search before application filing, our firm greatly recommends doing so. A simple search can save both time and money without needing to make multiple submissions and pay multiple fees.

The United States boasts over three million registered trademarks. Unfortunately, this also means that the chances of your submitted trademark sharing similarities with another are likely higher than you think.

You can certainly search for similar marks yourself. However, do you know how to conduct a proper trademark search? A trademark attorney in Miami can conduct in-depth legal searches, analyzing what might impart similar characteristics to your trademark.

Only a complete, comprehensive trademark search from a trademark attorney in Miami can assure that your trademark does not duplicate an existing one.

Handle Objections and Inquiries in the Trademark Procedure

Under certain circumstances, the United State Patent Office may return an application with an attached query or refusal. For a short time afterward, you wield an opportunity to defend the trademark. This involves outlining an articulate argument for why the patent office should approve the mark.

If you hire a trademark attorney in Miami from the beginning, you can ensure approval. Concerning objections, all you can do is defend yourself in front of a trademark appeal board. This may seem outlandish, but brands protect their trademarks aggressively. A brand can file an objection to something seemingly outlandish, well within their right of law.

For this reason, retaining a trademark attorney in Miami remains necessary at this point for the best possible outcome.

A Trademark Attorney in Miami from Rogero Law

Hiring just any legal professional won’t do in any case, and certainly not trademark law. The wrong lawyer could cost you in legal fees, in addition to possible additional application fees.

Before you make a final decision, your chosen attorney must wield a license to practice law while possessing additional experience in handling trademark applications and resolving disputes.

Our team from Rogero Law remains at-the-ready to assist individuals with their trademark legal issues. We can ensure a swift and efficient resolution with an increased chance for trademark approval.

Roger Law is a South Florida legal team that serves a vital resource for individuals that seek trademark approval, or experience difficulties with the United States Patent Office. To learn more about a trademark attorney in Miami and what they can provide your case, contact Rogero Law to schedule a consultation today!