Business Formation and Maintenance

When starting a new business or changing a business structure, the selection of the proper type of entity is important. A qualified attorney can assist in the selection and formation of the entity, and the preparation of important documents regarding the ownership, control and management of the entity.
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commercial litigation attorney

Intellectual Property Litigation

Whether you are a writer, artist, musician, or business owner, you must protect the time you have expended and the investment you have made in creating, developing, and promoting your intellectual property.
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Business Litigation

Our Business Litigation services address theissues that may arise in your business and other commercial relationships. Companies, regardless of size, will often be forced to confront and resolve disputes that arise with other parties.
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Entertainment Law

Entertainment law is a legal practice area that is not easily defined. This professional practice requires an attorney to be well-versed in many areas of law, including contracts, intellectual property, and business law.
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Trademark Lawyer Miami

Trademarks and Service Marks

We at Rogero Law believe that a business can grow and thrive with a well-selected and protected trademark. We are enthusiastic about helping businesses to select and register their trademarks and service marks, to maintain their registrations, and to protect against infringements.
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